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Reducing The Chance Of Errors

High Quality Customer Service - Blinds and Shutter Installation

We’ve all been there. Sales rep comes in, all sleek, yet hurriedly.

Shows us the product. Pushes for the close. You feel pressured. You sign on, regardless. Sales rep packs their stuff and are out the door before the ink dries. On to the next one.

You keep telling yourself, It’s all good. You really wanted the product anyway.

Then after a massive wait for the product, it’s install day. Only to find out halfway through the install that something was mis-measured and cannot be saved, only remade. Sales rep made a silly error due to the rush or not knowing what to look for in the initial consultation. Must wait another 6-12 weeks.

Is there anything more frustrating?

Make no mistake, we are all only humans and it is inevitable that we will make mistakes from time to time. It’s engrained in our system. Nobody, nor no company is perfect.

The trick is to reduce the chance of error. We do this at Vision by eliminating seperate sales reps and fitters, instead employing fitters that are sales reps. Whoever sells you the shutters, will be the one installing them, so you’re not dealing with so many different people throughout the process. The added benefit of having a fitter as your sales rep is that they have the trained eye of what to take into account in all those tricky windows and even sometimes just the plain ones could require a special measurement.

By taking this route, we are reducing the chance of errors on install and keeping everyone happy in the process.

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