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What Are You Really Paying For?

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So you’ve been getting a few quotes from different window furnishing companies and all seem to be offering you the same sort of stuff but the quotes tend to vary significantly?

In the current market, you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed for the amount of products that are offered to you as window furnishings.

You will be exposed to products that the untrained eye cannot see a difference between. That all seem to operate and work the same way.

But as a buyer beware, just like any industry, it can be filled with cheap replica versions, which haven’t been through the extensive testing required to fulfil our high Australian standards and offer the perks the actual product is known for. This includes:

  • fabrics,
  • controls,
  • components
  • Joins
  • Security, etc
  • Everything is specifically designed and has its purpose.

As a consumer, you should ask as many questions as possible to really understand what you’re getting. A confident company, such as Vision Blinds & Shutters, will be able to answer any and all questions regarding any product.

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More often than not, low quotes may also reflect a company’s customer service capabilities and qualities.

As with everything man made, regardless of how much attention you give to Quality Control, products can and do go wrong. It’s just the nature of the beast.

It’s what happens when something does go wrong, that can make or break your experience with that company.

At Vision Blinds & Shutters, a repair blind is placed in a high priority list and gets immediate attention to the issue and then actioned and completed as soon as it is possible (pending material availability etc).

One of Our core focus at Vision Blinds & Shutters is communication. We know how important It is for our customers to be in the loop and have a peace of mind that their investment is being taken care of.

When you buy from Vision Blinds & Shutters buy with confidence knowing that you’re buying not just the highest quality products on the market, you’re also getting the total Vision experience.