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Lumen Blinds

Lumen Blinds in Sydney (also commonly referred to as zebra blinds) provide protection and privacy for your home or office. Brilliantly designed to operate in a very similar manner to regular Roller Blinds.

Why Lumen Blinds In Sydney, As Opposed To Other Blinds?

The Vision Blinds and Shutters collection of Lumen Blinds in Sydney allows easy adjusting of the fabric which incorporates both translucent and block out horizontal panels that are layered to give you better control over natural light entering versus the privacy levels you require.

Lumen Blinds can be used with great ease as each blind combines a stylish, curved facade with chain control, and this unique bottom rail mechanism promotes smooth and effective operation.

Why Vision Blinds And Shutters?

Our spectacular collection of Lumen Blinds in Sydney feature an array of contemporary designs that incorporate trendy shades and patterns to create a striking alternative to the classic Venetian or Roller Blinds.

Committed to taking our customer service to the next level at every stage, our team of experts will be happy to bring our showroom to you at a time convenient for you, in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting the ideal Lumen Blinds in Sydney for your unique space.

This unique mechanism in Lumen Blinds allows you to alter the amount of sunlight during the daylight hours, or provide the opportunity of a closed blind to avoid prying eyes by giving you the choice of alternating sections of fabric that are fitted against one another to let you move between solid blocks of colour to keep light out, and elegant and stylish stripes that allow more light in.

Providing a sophisticated, modern touch to just about any home or office space, Lumen Blinds can be easily pulled all the way to the top for an unobstructed view or down completely to block out the outside – the choice is yours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Lumen blinds give privacy?
Lumen Blinds are an innovative and revolutionary new design of Roller Blinds which allows you a view out of your windows, while at the same time preserving your privacy. With two layers of translucent and opaque fabric, you can control the level of light filtering into the room, as well as the level of privacy you want, and create the perfect balance of both. They operate in the same way as a Roller Blinds. Lumen Blinds in Sydney have become very popular among both homeowners and for work spaces, due to their versatility and flexibility, and with Lumen Blinds, letting in natural light will not compromise your privacy.
Why Lumen blinds?
Lumen Blinds in Sydney are a very popular type of blind among those looking for a window treatment that can both let in the light yet provide exclusive privacy. With the two layers of translucent and opaque fabric, moving against each other, you have greater control of balancing the amount of light and privacy you need. These types of blinds are ideal even for offices and other commercial spaces. Lumen Blinds also offer a striking design and style, and is a perfect match for modern, eclectic interiors. These types of blinds can be made in any colour to match your existing interior, and the operation can be manual through a cord or chain, or even mechanized.
What brands and types of blinds and shutters do you work with?
Vision Blinds & Shutters collaborates with a wide range of trusted brands and offers various styles of blinds and shutters, ensuring you have plenty of options to suit your preferences.
Can you assist with custom window treatment solutions?
Can you assist with custom window treatment solutions?
Is installation included with your products, and do you provide any warranties?
Yes, our services include professional installation, and we stand behind the quality of our work. We offer warranties to give you peace of mind regarding the longevity and performance of your new blinds and shutters.

Manufacturer's Warranty

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